Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer fun!

Haven enjoys a cookie from one of her favorite places Wildflower Cafe.

Rylan swimming with mom ... its been soo hot this summer who can resist Grammie's pool!

Cascade's favorite swim area is the river on Grammie and Grandpa's property.... she definately has no fear of the water!

I'm alive!!! and look who's growing....

Here's some photos just after a family photo session.....

Haven is almost 3 now and Cascade almost 2 1/2! Rylan is 5 mths and wont be the youngest for long ... Cascade is expecting a baby BROTHER at the end of November '08.

Here's my little brother and his family ... in the office I have to call him "Dr Darren" .... but between Haven and I its "slave driver"! Ohh the young minds ... She's also been watching The Tour de France with Daddy ... such that now if she "toots" a little she says "its just liquigas"! :)

These would be the proud grandparents ... the girls still argue with me about them being my parents ... they correct me with " no grammie and grandpa"!

Really its me!! Life has been crazy... Just when I thought I was moving to small town Exeter and working as a dental hygienist for my brother's growing practice.... WHAM! I've been doing the front office responsibilities too... but only for 6 months.... We find and hire someone.... she works 2 weeks... gets a jury summons.... AND GETS SELECTED! For a minimum of 10 days ... taking her right up to vacation in August! What luck....

Quilting?? I think I remember how.... I am going to take a mini vacation to LONG BEACH for the quilt show. Then more packing.... maybe it will be easier to purge things if I havent seen them for months.... at least that's what I've been telling myself....

... and here's the family expecting my first nephew! My sister and brother n law ... Cascade's parents ... Cascade has been learning important things w/ auntie ... swimming across Grammie's pool with her floaties on ... and my favorite ... to sound like she's coughing up a hairball! :) Ohhhh what fun!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter ... Clothing Optional!?

Ok... some how Easter turned into a nudie patootie party ... for the cousin's that is.... sooo this is all that can be on display! If only I could show the photos of the peeing on the gopher dirt pile!!! TOOO funny .... Not sure who's idea it was ... all responsible adults were in the house cleaning up from brunch... and the cousin's had stripped down to get into their kiddie pool... Ok .. they could be seen from the kitchen window.... One turn AND WHAT! Ohhhh my .... soo to see those photos you'll have to attend their weddings in about 40 yrs ( I think that's when their parents said they could get married).... yes those pictures have been placed into a vault for safe keeping till then!


Haven does like being a big sister ... and they even have matching jammies .... Rylan's really not cross eyed! Just when she's getting squished!

Sweet Baby Girl...

Isnt she just a cutie... and such and angel when she's sleeping! If you ask big sister Haven if baby sister (Rylan) plays with her yet .. she's happy to tell you "no she just cries".

Make a Jelly Belly basket!!

Here's my friend Andrea making her basket! Her sister, Leticia and I also made them... and an extra one for Wendy at The Calico Horse to raffle sometime for her fundraiser w/ Avon Walk for Breast Cancer... We even managed to find the base for it with Wendy Longaberger's signature already and then got 2 more family members who were at the event! This was the 2nd time Longaberger had come to California's Jelly Belly Factory in Vacaville. I'll post a couple more pictures later of the finished product ... Thanks to Leticia who'd taken this pic on her iPhone .. I on the other hand ... havent had time to download off my camera yet! Besides making our baskets we also enjoyed shopping in The Factory Store that had come along ... each found a basket or items that had retired! So we knew it was meant to be that we'd found them there!

Biker Girl!

Haven is now officially a biker girl .. all on her own! She's had this bike from her "Uncle" Craig (owner of her favorite bike shop and daddy's other office) since she was 18 mths ... and even with the seat adjusted to its closest .. not until now could she reach the pedals! So watch for "H. Bean", her nick name from birth, competing in upcoming races!